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If you're brand new to real estate, you just passed your exam, you're a brand new real estate agent, this is what you're going to want to do in your first 30 days. Number one, you're going to want to create what we call your top 100. These are people where you could pick up the phone at any time, call them, go grab a beer, go grab lunch, grab breakfast, a cup of coffee and it wouldn't be weird. You need their name, their address, their email, their data births so that you could do a couple things. Number one, you want to send every single person on this list what we call a letter from the heart. This is simply letting your top 100 know that you are now in the business of real estate, that you're looking forward to serving them at the highest level, that you're looking to provide them value and yet you were going to position yourself to earn their referrals, introductions, and their business over time.

The second thing you want to do is you want to put all 100 people on a MLS weekly email. Okay? If you don't know how to do this, grab somebody in your office they'll show you how. You're going to want to put all these people on an email that they get once a week that shows them the active, the pendings and the sold properties right in their neighborhood. Think about this. When you drive through a neighborhood, you see a for sale sign, what do you think every time? Oh yeah, that's right. How much is it? I wonder what type of condition it is and the updates and how it impacts my property. Well, the people in your database think the same thing. You need to be providing this information for them every single week in an email. The good news, your MLS can do the hard work. Next, you want to start mailing a letter to these people every single month. This is part of our top 100 program that all of our students are doing. And here's what you want to include with the letter. You want to include information about the market. So number one, number of new listings. How many new listings are coming into the market every month. Number two, what's the current inventory. How many homes are for sale? Number three, how many homes are selling every single month. Number four, the average list price to sold price ratio. Number five, the average days on market. How long is it taking for properties to sell and then number six is how many showings it takes to get an offer. When you talk about providing value to your database, you want to position yourself as the market expert. So you're going to start mailing to your database or your top 100 a letter every single month that includes information about the market with a strong call to action at the bottom of the letter, positioning yourself to earn their business and stay top of mind.

Next, you're going to want to call every single person in your top 100 and have a simple conversation. Don't overthink this. Don't overcomplicate this. Don't find yourself in analysis paralysis and avoiding the phone call. It's a simple phone call to explain, "Hey Bob, Sue, I'm now in real estate. I sent you a letter. I just want to let you guys know I'm going to be working towards providing you guys value moving forward. And if there's anything that I can do to serve you or anything that relates to real estate, or your mortgage or home improvements, I would love to be your go-to person over time and earn your trust, so much so that Mr. Bob and Mrs. Sue, that if you know somebody thinking about real estate or you yourself are thinking about doing something in real estate that I come top of mind, and I'd be honored to work with you or people you know in the future." Simple, simple call. Now, if you don't have 100 people and you have 25 people, fine. You need to create your top list. These are people that know, like, trust and respect you that you could call at any time. The second thing you're going to do, you are going to preview as many homes as possible. You can go right into the MLS without permission from anybody, without the seller, without the listing agent, somebody in your office can show you how to do this. You're going to go into your MLS and you're simply going to start scheduling preview, agent previews. There's no better way to learn the market than to actually walk through homes that are being shown to real buyers listed by really agents and what price they're offering and the condition that they are in. So any home that hits the market in your local market territory, you're going to schedule an agent preview, walk through that property, start learning the inventory, start learning the market. Next number three, you're going to start to preview every for sale by owner. This house isn't officially in the MLS. This is somebody selling a home on their own. You're going to start to preview every single for sale by owner that comes into the marketplace. This is a strategy and a tactic that I teach all of my students. If you want, I put a link right underneath this video. Feel free to schedule a call with me. I'll walk you through my entire for sale by owner strategy, so that you can start getting two, three listings per month.

Next number four, study the stats religiously every single month without fail. I gave you the six things or the six stats that you're going to send to your database. Those are the same six things that you're going to know inside and out verbatim every month, schedule time in your calendar, make sure you know every month what is happening in your market. This is how you're going to compete with top agents or experienced agents. Number five, master your for sale by owners scripts and your listing presentation. I cannot stress this enough. This is a sales skill based business. You have to figure out what to say so that when you get an opportunity to go and interview to get a listing, you don't freak out. You know exactly what to say. So in your first 30 days as a real estate agent spend time, schedule time learning the scripts, learning your listing presentation. There's another link in the description I'll put where you can download my script book. Learn what to say.

Number six, learn how to price properties and do CMAs. In order to know the market, yes, you're going to preview properties, yes, you're going to know the stats. Grab properties or homes that are on the market that are not on the market and start to practice. Start to price properties, start to do CMAs so you can start to learn how to use your MLS system. You can start to learn how to use that technology, and you can learn how to accurately price property. Next, inside that strategy, you can go back to the people in your top 100 and you can offer them a free, no obligation CMA. You talk about providing value to your database. Imagine a world for just a second, that during those phone calls that I asked you to make you say, "Bob and Sue, one of the things I'd like to do is give you a full, detailed pricing analysis on your property just for practice. You can have it. You can use it. You can keep it on your files. I'd be happy to do it. It's no problem for me." And now you get 100 people in your database, your top 100 to say, "Oh my gosh, that'd be great. Yeah, no problem." Here's some details about the house. And now you're doing a full price analysis for your top 100. You send it to them through email or better yet you mail it to their house physically. And now you're providing value. Now you're starting to earn the top of mind awareness and learning at the same time. Next, you're going to start making content. Start picking up the camera, start making content. Now you always say, "Brandon, what am I going to say? What do you mean make content?" Well, in this business of real estate, the game is to stay top of mind with the people that you know so that when they think of real estate, you are the person that they think of. You are the obvious choice. How you're going to win those eyeballs is by making content. Daily Instagram stories. Document your new career in real estate. You've already communicated with your top 100. Now you need to communicate with the whole world by documenting your career, your new career in real estate. Start doing simple stories saying, "Hey guys, I'm going to a new training today to learn how to do X, Y, Z." "Hey guys, I'm going to show a property downtown. I'll let you guys know how it goes." "Hey, I'm going to interview to list a new property."

You need people to start seeing you over, and over and over again so you can start to win this top of mind awareness. Next, my other recommendation is that you make a weekly Facebook show. Now don't freak out. Don't click off. Don't say, "What is this guy talking about?" A Facebook show, it's simple. Pick one night every week. I recommend Thursday nights, 7:00 PM, 8:00 PM where you do a simple Facebook live. It could be 15 minutes, 30 minutes max, where you're talking about tips and strategies on the real estate market. How to get your offer accepted? Do open houses work? What is a contingency look like in a contract? What does this mean? And what does that mean? Your people and the people that follow you on social media will get used to seeing you every week then it can turn into more of a Q&A. You now become the market expert in your local area within your first 30 days in real estate. It's really, really simple. So next, what I want you to do is spend time creating your business plan. Watch this video right here. I'm going to walk you through step-by-step. I'm going to give you a template to print out, to follow, and I walk you through exactly how to build your business plan so that you can win this year in business and have a successful career as a real estate agent.

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