How to Stay Motivated as a Real Estate Agent (Even When You've Lost All Hope)

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How can I stay motivated? I'm hungry to win, but for some reason, I'm in a slump. Everybody write this down. All of you before Mondays, you get through the weekend. I want you all to create a winning-the-day checklist, a winning-the-day checklist. The reason why we can't stay motivated is because we set goals that are based on outcomes. I want to make $10,000, a 100,000. I want to do these things that are all outcome driven. And then as we are going through our days and our weeks, and when we feel that we're not accomplishing that goal, it demotivates us immediately. This is why we have to build action plans. Let me explain.

An action plan that I had all you guys do through the online course is something that you have control over. What time am I ... What are the actions I have to do, Andrew, that lead me to the goal? So, the goal this month is to take three listings as an example. And my business plan states that I must have 17 contacts a day in order to take three listings. Okay, great. My winning-the-day checklist is going to make sure that I'm up on time. I control that, nobody else. I'm going to sweat for 20 minutes. Today I did chest and my chest really hurts. I can't lift my arms up that good. My wife was making fun of me. Okay, good. I'm in control of that. Number three, I'm going to start prospecting no later than 8:00 AM. I'm in control of that. I'm going to make X amount of contacts. I'm in control of that. And that's going to be my winning-the-day checklist. Now, on my checklist I got a couple more things that are all action-based.So Billy, the point is when you reach those goals at the end of the day, you'll get a nice little hit of dopamine. And that's how you stay motivated, because you know that these actions are leading you towards your goal. If you don't have an action plan, and you're just going through your days blind, you will be de-motivated. This is why mostly all new year's resolutions fail. Because people have these big goals and they have no evidence of proof that they're on their way.

So make a winning-the-day checklist. What do I have to do today that are action-based that I control that when I put my head on the pillow and go to bed, Ron, did I do what I sought out to do? Yes or no? If it's yes, you are going to be hungry to win the next day. You start piling these daily wins on top of each other. And then over time you look up and there you go, you hit your goal. Hopefully that makes sense. You need a winning the day checklist that's all based on actions, not outcomes. Not outcomes, not listing appointments set, listing appointments taken, listings. No, not that. You want actions, things you control.

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Brandon Mulrenin

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Brandon then decided to go out on his own and built his real estate sales business to the point where he was listing and selling over 100 homes a year with one assistant and one buyers agent. Brandon’s success was quickly recognized as he awarded the #1 listing agent for Keller Williams Premier in 2014. It was during this time that Brandon began to train other real estate agents all over the world with his reverse selling system.

Then in 2018, Brandon launched his own independent real estate brokerage firm in Metro Detroit, Michigan which has quickly become one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the entire state.

Brandon is now the managing CEO of four entities: Brookstone Realtors, National Mortgage Funding, Maximus Title Agency, and


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