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If you sell over the phone, these eight things could double, triple your closing ratio and make setting appointments simple. Number one, detach from the outcome, 100%. Anytime you get into a sales conversation over the phone, your goal is to see or to determine whether or not you can help the prospect. You're looking for an accurate diagnosis. Your goal is not to go onto the phone call, trying to convince the prospect because you know as well as I do this, the second you start selling, the second you start trying to convince the prospect, what do they do? Oh, that's right. They started to push back. You need to detach from the outcome. You need to listen and you need to have every conversation designed to seek to understand so that the prospect knows you care, without worrying about whether or not you're going to make the sale.

Number two, you have to master what to say. Anybody that sells over the phone, one of the biggest challenges, the reason why they can't detach from the outcome, the reason why they can't listen to the prospect, truly listen, because they're too worried about what they have to say next. So you have to master what to say. So here's what I recommend. Writing out, I'm talking about on a pen and piece of paper, writing out, literally your scripts and every single one of my students does this in my coaching program, write out your scripts, verbatim, word for word 10 times a day for 30 days. Do the work, get the result. The next thing, and I've got all my script books. You can just download it. It's right underneath this video, download the scripts and you'll have them all. The next thing you want to do is now chant. So once you've written down the scripts 10 times for 30 days, is now you want to take the script that you've written. You should start to learn what to say, and you're going to start chanting the script out loud to yourself. So you're just going to go through it line by line. Mr. Prospect, here's what I'd like to do. As an example, you want to start chanting the script, over and over and over again, 10 times a day for 30 days.

Next, number three. Now that you know what to say, and you can essentially recite them verbatim. You want to master your delivery of the script. So many real estate agents and salespeople come to me and say, "Brandon, what do I say? What do I say? What do I say?" What to say is not enough. If you're going to master selling over the phone, it's all in the delivery. It's all in the how. Yes, the what is important, and you need to put that past you. You have to know exactly what to say so that you can work on how you say what you say. So what are you going to do? You're going to record yourself, go grab a free app on your phone. You can get, there's a million of them, scroll the app store. You can even use Voice Memos, if you have an iPhone and record yourself going through the script and focusing on the delivery. You're going to record yourself delivering the message, the words on the piece of paper, to a real human so it sounds authentic. Your problem with scripts is, "Brandon, I don't want to sound scripted." Okay, great. I don't want you to sound scripted either. I want you to sound authentic. Well, how do you do that? Record yourself going through the script, delivering the script the way that you would to a real prospect, 10 times a day, yep, you guessed it, for 30 days and go back and listen to yourself. This is what your prospect is hearing. Next, get a role play partner. Yes. Don't let this go in one ear and out the other. Go get a role play partner and practice. It's amazing how many salespeople, how many real estate agents don't practice their skills, yet we are in a skills-based business. I put out a poll on my Instagram last week and I asked thousands of people, what was more important, sales skills or marketing skills? Overwhelming, it was over, I think 90% of the poll said that sales skills were more important. Well, if that's true and you believe that, we need to start role playing. We need to start practicing. Go get a role-play partner that is as committed to this as you are.

Number four, stay calm, never argue. So I do call reviews for my team almost every day. I'm doing them weekly for all of the agents in my coaching program and one of the biggest things I see people making a mistake in is a prospect, like always, they're in level one resistance. That's that reflex resistance, the same thing you and I have, when you go walk into a department store and they say, "Hey, how can I help you?" This is the same thing you're getting from the prospects on your calls. Stay calm. Don't become defensive, okay? If they say, "Well, why are you calling me?" Don't jump all over it and take the bait. What you want to use is a pattern interrupt and speak what we say or what we call speaking from the prospect's point of view in reverse selling. So that might sound like this, "Hey, listen. If I was you, I'd probably be as frustrated as you are getting all of these phone calls from realtors, because you're probably getting a ton of them, am I right?" Now, you're speaking from the prospect's point of view, using strategic empathy, and you're not having to defend your position.

Next, number five. Focus on asking Socratic-style questions to get the prospect to open up. Stop asking closed-ended questions, certainly stopped talking and telling because telling is not selling. Asking questions specifically, Socratic-style questions is what you want to start to master. You're going to see those questions in my scripts if you download them. Now, let me give you an example. A Socratic-style question. You're talking to a prospect. You're having a conversation. In this case, let's pretend you're a real estate agent and you're talking to an expired listing. A Socratic-style question could be, "Well Mr. Prospect, what was your experience like working with the other agent?" This invites the prospect to open up, to have dialogue, to go deep, to get the prospect to think. That is an example of a Socratic-style question. Focus on asking those to master your phone selling skills.

Number six, never, never, ever interrupt a prospect. Let them answer your questions. I see salespeople all the time. They ask a good question. It's a Socratic-style question and they don't even let the prospect answer it. They start talking over them, trying to finish their muddled sentences. Stop. Never cut off a prospect. Your job is to listen. Your job is to get the prospect to talk and if you're talking the prospect can't do that.

Number seven. I said it a little bit before in this video, telling is not selling. You've got to ask another question to keep the conversation going. So even if the prospect asks you a question, we call it arping, you acknowledge, you respond to the actual question, and then we pivot immediately to another question. This is the art and science of keeping a sales conversation moving forward. Stop telling, start asking more questions.

Number eight, don't forget the purpose of the phone call. So for me, I'm a real estate agent. I train and coach real estate agents. The goal of the prospecting phone call is to set an appointment. Stop trying to list the home or to write an offer on a property that they've never seen. Stop trying to go down these rabbit holes. The goal of the call is to set an appointment and if you sell a product or service that you sell over the phone, great. Let's lead them to a sales presentation or whatever the next step is in your sales process and let's stop going down these paths over the phone. The phone is not meant for selling. The phone is designed to get you to the next step in your sales process. So if you want to see how to nail the first 30 seconds of your next prospecting phone call, watch this video right here. I'm going to walk you through step by step, exactly how you should be starting every single sales call.

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