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Listen. Here's the reality. If you're going to have people that you know do business with you, or if you want more of them to do business with you, you got to start making content. You got to start pumping out one, two, three pieces of content per day on Instagram, on YouTube, on Facebook, on Twitter. Well, "Brandon, I don't know what to say. I don't know what to do." Well, here's the good news. Gary V talks about this all the time, which is document. You don't have to create. Just document. If you're a busy real estate agent, all you have to do is document what you're doing. If you're writing an offer, talk about the strategy. If you're going to show a house, talk about the neighborhood. You're going to a listing appointment, talk about the neighborhood, talk about your strategy. You don't need to share the details of your client and private information. I talk a lot about prospecting to strangers, which is absolutely important, but I think we forget that our number one lead source forever is going to be our sphere of influence. And the question I get all the time is, "Well, Brandon, how do I get more referrals? How do I get more of my sphere of influence to do business with me?" You have to win the top of mind awareness game. The only way to win that game is by making content. Don't worry about the camera. Don't worry about, "Oh, do I have the right lighting? Do I have the right microphone?" I'm making this on my iPhone. Doesn't matter. People need to see you.

I recommend you doing a Facebook Live once a week. Make it a show. Real Estate Real Talk with Betsy Sue Thursday night at 8:00 PM. You do a Facebook live every single week where your sphere of influence gets used to seeing you. You're talking about tips, strategies on how to navigate this real estate market. Is it uncomfortable? Sure. Anything that makes us uncomfortable is probably the right thing to do. What you have to ask yourself is... Most of you say you want to be this known real estate agent. Most of you want more sphere of business. Most of you want more referrals. Well, we've got to get a little uncomfortable and start pumping out content because I'll tell you what: The agents that are making the content that are winning the top of mind awareness game with their spheres are going to win long term. The way things are going, the eyeballs are all on where? Their cell phones. You have to win those eyeballs. You need to start thinking yourself as a content creator. Yes, you're a real estate agent. Yes, that's the hat you wear. But if you want clients and you want more of your sphere to react, to reach out and you want to become known in your marketplace, you have got to start getting uncomfortable, pushing past your fear and hitting play or record, I should say, on your iPhone. Start making content. Start going to interview local business owners. Start to talk about the marketplace. Start documenting your journey as a real estate agent and start making content so that people not only are they going to be aware of you, you can start winning this mind share that I'm talking about.

When people in your market, in your friend's/family sphere of influence, think about real estate and a real estate agent, you want them to think of you. I think all of you would agree with that. The only way that's going to happen is for you to start getting uncomfortable, start picking up a camera or a phone or any type of device for you to make video content and start documenting your journey.

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Brandon Mulrenin

Brandon Mulrenin, founder and CEO of has dedicated his life’s work to the study of human behavior and communication.

He began his sales career in the mortgage industry as a mortgage loan officer with Quicken Loans in Detroit. He worked his way up the corporate ladder to become the AVP of Quicken Loans’ preferred real estate partner, Rocket Homes, formerly, In-House Realty.

Brandon then decided to go out on his own and built his real estate sales business to the point where he was listing and selling over 100 homes a year with one assistant and one buyers agent. Brandon’s success was quickly recognized as he awarded the #1 listing agent for Keller Williams Premier in 2014. It was during this time that Brandon began to train other real estate agents all over the world with his reverse selling system.

Then in 2018, Brandon launched his own independent real estate brokerage firm in Metro Detroit, Michigan which has quickly become one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the entire state.

Brandon is now the managing CEO of four entities: Brookstone Realtors, National Mortgage Funding, Maximus Title Agency, and


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