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Brandon Mulrenin
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Brandon Mulrenin

Brandon Mulrenin, founder and CEO of reverseselling.com has dedicated his life’s work to the study of human behavior and communication.

He began his sales career in the mortgage industry as a mortgage loan officer with Quicken Loans in Detroit. He worked his way up the corporate ladder to become the AVP of Quicken Loans’ preferred real estate partner, Rocket Homes, formerly, In-House Realty.

Brandon then decided to go out on his own and built his real estate sales business to the point where he was listing and selling over 100 homes a year with one assistant and one buyers agent. Brandon’s success was quickly recognized as he awarded the #1 listing agent for Keller Williams Premier in 2014. It was during this time that Brandon began to train other real estate agents all over the world with his reverse selling system.

Then in 2018, Brandon launched his own independent real estate brokerage firm in Metro Detroit, Michigan which has quickly become one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the entire state.

Brandon is now the managing CEO of four entities: Brookstone Realtors, National Mortgage Funding, Maximus Title Agency, and reverseselling.com


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